Welcome to Realms of Iron

Welcome to Realms of IronWelcome to Realms of Iron

The Sundered Realms


A Pallid Moon

In a darkening world, once proud kingdoms of men have striven to destroy one another for so long that they have nearly succeeded.  From the shadows creep nightmare creatures long thought lost to legend.  Humanity stands on the very brink of destruction.  Small towns and villages have become tiny lights in the darkness, bastions of sanity in an increasingly maddened world.  It is a bleak time of superstition and magic, an age of monsters and horrors from beyond.  Whole settlements are lost to the monsters that have lurked for so long at the wild’s edge. Shadowy figures stalk this world, their evil and menace looming over everything.  Only a few know anything of these powerful beings of a deathless, horrific race, though to its sorrow, the rest of the world will soon learn of them. 

            Yet, there are those who would step forth in such a shadowed hour.  Those who will match their wits and steel, their faith and courage against the terrors that would overwhelm the light.  Three reluctant heroes agree to stand against this coming ruin for different reasons and it would seem that fate or some other agency has drawn them there.  Life or Death?  Light or Darkness? A Destiny of hope or a Doom to bring a final ending?  None can truly say…